Wednesday 21st March 2012 part 2

Well I’ve been in the greenhouse again, and this time I’ve sown the following: Aubergines which I got from Spain, they’re little baby ones. Various varieties of lettuce that I’ve sown in 2 medium size pots and will sow another lot in about one months time and so on, then I get a lovely supply during the summer. Kohl Rabi and more Okra which are called “mammoth”, so either they’re hairy with tusks or what I don’t know. And finally a variety of summer and winter squash. I’ve also started off my Atlantic Giant Pumpkins which is a little early, but I did the same last year and the plants were a good size when I came to plant them out. Cup of tea and back for a bit more hopefully.

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6 Responses to Wednesday 21st March 2012 part 2

  1. Lynn Kimber says:

    That all sounds great – apart from the okra – a taste not aquired by me I’m afraid.

  2. steve wortinger says:

    Happy Birthday Claire,
    You are my favorite you tube person! You are an enthusiastic gardener who is really enjoying the gift of gardening. However, I just find you so beautiful I must admit it is not the dirt and seeds that I find attractive. Your Red hair and sweet face, voice…everything, not a bad package!
    Happy Birthday!!!
    Steve the Arborist

    • Thanks you. I had a lovely day. Seems such a long time ago now.
      The red hair is real, not dye used. My gran had it, and it skipped a whole generation and landed with me. Of the grand children I’m the only one and of all the great grandchildren no one has it. I’m the odd one out in so many ways. But I don’t mind it’s good to be different. It will fade one day and disappear, but I’m going to make the most of it whilst it’s still with me.

  3. Irene from Piraeus Greece says:

    Hi Claire. You ‘ve sown many different vegatable varieties this year! Good luck with all of them.
    I don’t know why, but some seeds of long peppers and some aubergines, they haven’t sprouted yet.
    From now on, you can see me in ” syntages tis kardias” , that means food recipes from the heart, in English language too, as: “Ειρήνη Ε.”.
    Have a nice day!

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