Saturday 18th February 2012

Last night we had our first allotment quiz night. It was a wonderful evening, and lovely to see allotment folk in smart clothes, and with clean hands. We had fish and chips half way through which was very enjoyable. I’d especially like to thank Stephen, Aimee, Jill, Malcolm and Mark for all their help. Start revising for next year!

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14 Responses to Saturday 18th February 2012

  1. Irene from Pireaus, Greece says:

    Good evening, Claire. Finally, i managed to finish the sowing of summer vegetables in the nursery, last Sunday. I was delayed because of the cold. I hope to see good results. I received the new post on my e-mail. Thank you. Irene.

  2. Irene from Piraus, Greece says:

    Hi Claire. I hope have a great season you too. 8 degrees is cold for us. I planted so many varieties of vegetables this year, i don’t know what I am going to do with them, if they all grow of course! I probably give most of them to my sister in Low and friends. So, it’s so nice to spend time with friends, sharing and enjoying same interests. This time, is really creative time!!!

    • It’s suddenly warmed up here. I think today is about 17!!! Mad, but good. I’m sure it won’t last, and the cold weather will return, but I think we’re out of the worst of the cold, cold weather for this year.

  3. Angela Daniele says:

    Hi Claire just wanted to say thank you so much for all your videos, I started off buying 4 Tomato plants and 4 Cucumber plants 2 years ago, I progressed to a pop up Greenhouse last year and grew lots of veg, and I’ve now got a brand new proper greenhouse, and can’t wait to get started planting. I have got some onions, garlic, leeks and early toms in my greenhouse at the moment, and I can sit for hrs watching your videos, I now have a book like you suggested and I also right down all the tips you give, plz plz plz keep postin the videos

    • Hi Angela,
      Congratulations on your new greenhouse. Don’t they feel wonderful! When I got mine I felt all grown up. I’ve got lots of seed to sow this weekend, the weather is just wonderful out there today, Spring has sprung and it’s not even March. There will be lots more blogging and more videos as the season goes along.
      Have a great season.

  4. bacon66 says:

    sorry missed out some of that , can i replant them into pots from the ground and then replant them into the ground when i move to my new garden


    • Yes you can. Make sure you take enough soil with the plants when you repot them.

      • bacon66 says:

        ok thank you claire, n happy birthday

      • bacon66 says:

        Hi Claire , ive finally moved house woohoo however the ground where i am is very boggy so when it rain it becomes waterlodged ive managed to mix some compost in the soil which helps alittle can you suggest anything else i can put in the soil to help it to be not so bogggy ? horse manuer perhaps , also will the ground still be ok to grow veg in

  5. maritza white says:

    Hi Claire,
    Please keep up with your videos, I’ve learned so much from yourself, every little tip helps. Anyway can you tell what would be the best soil I can buy to refill my bed before I start my planting and should I put more manure?
    Many thanks

    • I’m spending Wednesday in the greenhouse as it’s my birthday and that’s what I want to do all day. There may be another video from that, but I do need to do a water recycling one.
      The soil you need is anything really, but not clay soil. You can usually find places that sell top soil. Ask in a garden centre they may be able to give you a place local to you.
      Have a great season.

      • maritza says:

        Hi Claire,
        Happy birthday to you, wishing you all the best, hope you have a wonderful day!!.
        Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

      • As long as I can spend most of the day in the greenhouse or down the allotment, then I’ll be a happy bunny.
        Thank you.

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