Tuesday 31st January 2012

We had a sprinkle of snow today!! Only a little mind you, it didn’t settle. I was driving along the A3 and it came over all cloudy, and I thought to myself…”they look like snow clouds” and sure enough it started. Hopefully that’ll be it, but I might bring my wellingtons in from the car tonight, just incase.

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6 Responses to Tuesday 31st January 2012

  1. Irene from Pireaus, Greece says:

    Hi Claire! It ‘s snowing now! I enjoy it! But the vegetables on my terrace?

  2. Irene from Pireaus, Greece says:

    Good evening Claire. This weather is rather “rare” for us, here in Pireaus. I had to cover some plants with plastic bags, on my terrace . I am waiting for a new video!!!

  3. Irene from Greece, Pireaus says:

    Good evening Claire. This bad weather, was a setback to me. I should have already planted my potatoes and onions, in order to dig them up in mid May. I maybe do this tomorrow. I am waiting to see photos of your snowe allotment. Good night!

    • Our snow has nearly gone, but it’s still very cold. I had a lovely day yesterday hiding in my greenhouse.We just have to be careful with the snow that’s left, as it turns to ice over night.

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