Friday 9th September 2011

Another day and more digging. Popped to my patch this morning, and had a wonderful time. I dug up more Potatoes, all the rest of my Onions, picked more Tomatoes, a huge amount of Runner Beans (3), found some Garlic and harvested a few more things, but I filmed those, so you’ll have to wait until the videos come out. That’ll be a job for Mark this weekend. It’s very muggy at the moment, but not sunny which makes it even worse. I also managed to weed more, so I’m slowly plodding through each bed, and getting them sorted. Have a lovely weekend. Apparently we’re supposed to have gales on Monday, which will be fun. Oh and another thing, not very exciting, but I’ve ordered another wheelbarrow wheel. The tyre has shredded, and the inner tube has a puncture in it…£22.85 would have been cheaper to buy a new barrow!

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4 Responses to Friday 9th September 2011

  1. Crystal says:

    It would have been cheaper but with a thought to being “green” you are wise to get the new tire. Especially if the old wheel barrow is plastic or fiberglass and difficult to recycle. Soooo 🙂 thank you for making a choice that will keep our world a little healthier for our Children and grandchildren… ( quietly stepping down from my soapbox) And I patiently (haha) await the videos 🙂 We love them, you know.

    • My wheel barrow is actually a metal one. I got it from Wicks about 4-5 years ago, I think. I do have another older one, that is defunct now. I may at one stage drill some holes in the base of the barrow and then sow something in it. But I’ll need a cordless drill for that, which we don’t have. I don’t think our extension cord will stretch half a mile?

  2. nicola pendry says:

    cant wait for new videos!!!!! i am planning what seeds i want to get for next year already, roll on next feb lets get the boring winter over with!!

    • It’s very exciting deciding what to grow next year. I love flicking through seed catalogues on a wet, cold day with a hot cup of tea. But I do love this time of year, when harvesting is at it’s peak. Have fun.

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