Sunday 24th July 2011

Well the kids are on Summer holiday now, so the only time I’m able to get to the allotment to do any work is at the weekend. So I popped down this morning for a couple of hours and got a fair amount done. Everything has got slightly overgrown lately, so the only thing to do is to start at one end, and just work my way through systematically. So I’ve been taking 1 bed at a time and harvesting, weeding, then strimming the grass. It looks so much neater when the grass is short. I think I’ve got enough Potatoes, Carrots, Onions etc to last the week. If I don’t the kids will just have to come with me to harvest. They like THAT part of gardening, but any of the boring bits like weeding, forget it. I can understand though, it is a bit tedious.

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