Tuesday 28th June 2011

Oh my, we’re nearly at the end of June, and into July. Where has this month gone? I was woke up this morning at some un godly hour of 4.45am…I never knew that time existed…to the sudden down pour of rain!! It didn’t last long, about 5 minutes I think, I went back to sleep and woke up 2 hours later. Not quite so hot today, so I went to the allotment this morning for a couple of hours. The skies were very threatening, but there was no rain, but when I got back home there was a faint rumble of thunder. The thunder rumbled around for about 4 hours until it finally left. We had a massive drench about 2pm I think it was, but I was in school adjusting show costumes at the time. Whilst at the allotment this morning I picked Mangetout, Carrots and Potatoes that we’ve just had with some gorgeous sausages. I also cut 2 small fennel and 1 round green Courgette that we’ll have tomorrow with some chicken. The weeds seem to love the rain, oh the joy!

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4 Responses to Tuesday 28th June 2011

  1. Hello Claire, I’m gardening in NW5 and thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon’s thunderstorm! I watered my veg last night as I couldn’t be sure that it would rain but was still pleased to have the downpour today. It was very dramatic and, thankfully, a lot cooler!

    • It definitely made a huge difference when the storm came. We didn’t get any really exciting thunder and lightning , just 1 close one. But the plants really enjoyed the thorough soaking.

  2. Awesome that you got rain. I know the joy of hearing it in the night. No watering!

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