Sunday 26th June 2011

Just got back from our 5K walk this morning, it was incredibly hot and the car said 29.5 degrees on the way home, Phew! Sally and I made it in 55 minutes, which we are very proud of. We all got a medal each, a goodie bag with bits in, and a lovely cold bottle of water. Please watch the video to see what we got up to. And huge “Thank you” to everyone who sponsored me I raised a massive amount of money, you’ll find out how much at the end of the film.

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4 Responses to Sunday 26th June 2011

  1. Gosh well done! It’s SO hot in London today, to finish in good time, that alone makes your achievement impressive. You’ve definitely earned a nice COOL bottle of water!

    • It’s even hotter today, so I’m glad it was yesterday. It wasn’t too bad when you were walking as you had a breeze. It was when we got back in the car, that was the worst. That was until the air con came on.

  2. Congrats on doing it in under one hour. You rock.

    • I was exhausted in the afternoon and had a little nap. We’re thinking about next year, and maybe even the moon walk. May have to plan that one very hard. The only problem I’d have with the moon walk is staying awake all night.

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