Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Filmed a few more bits in the greenhouse today, and realised that yesterday I had been using the camera wrong, so what I did yesterday I’ll need to do again. Found a new button on the camera though, so that’s good! After managing to operate the camera correctly I then re potted some more chillies which seem to be growing very well. I didn’t go to the allotment today because rain was forecast, and as I was on a bike ride to deliver a few bits the heavens opened. I got very wet!

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6 Responses to Wednesday 22nd June 2011

  1. Becki Fitzgibbons says:

    Was the new button record? :p

    I think i have sad news. I found little black flies walking over the soil of my pot of carrots a few days ago and it seems they are sticking around. I can only assume they are carrot fly 😦
    Is there hope of any surviving or should i just throw them away now?

    • Yes the new botton was “Record”. Me and technology just doesn’t go. I have trouble enough signing on for internet banking. I need a dummy’s guide, and I’d still get it wrong. If you do have Carrot fly keep the Carrots covered up. They smell the Carrots when you start to pull them up. You may be able to find some spray for Carrot fly, have a look, don’t give up hope.

  2. claire says:

    claire wonder if u can help me had a great success with my cucumbers last year but this year the fruits are starting to form the flower comes and then they go yellow and shrivel up they are f1 types so only produce female flowers ?

    • Are you feeding your Cucumbers? If not as soon as the flowers start to appear feed them every 7 – 10 days with Tomato feed. See the back of the bottle for the dosage. Make sure they have water all the time, don’t let them dry out. Also, maybe get in there and tickle the flowers with a paintbrush so help distribute the pollon. I know that you don’t usually need to pollinate all female flowers, but you may have an odd one that’s not quite sure.

  3. A day in the life of Claire.

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