Friday 27th May 2011

Today was the first time this week that I’ve been to the allotment. I wasn’t a well bunny at the beginning of the week. I had a virus of some sort and lost all my energy, and had to spend 2 days in bed. Mark looked after me so well by bringing me soup for lunch and lots of juice to drink. He looked after the kids superbly. I missed the allotment, and was very pleased to be there again today. We had some wonderful down pours yesterday, not as much as I’d hoped. But some is better than none. I managed some light weeding today, but still had to water as the rain only touched the surface. I’ll see if I can pop down over the weekend as the kids are on holiday next week. As it’s very nearly June I think I can put all the tender crops out. Yippee!

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6 Responses to Friday 27th May 2011

  1. Sam Freer says:

    Get well soon Claire!

    Best Wishes


  2. crystal says:

    Glad you are feeling better and hope all that sunshine in the allotment speeds your recovery.. tho I am sure you would love to see some real rain. Lately I have shared your hint of putting a stake where the squash are planted to remind me where to water.. and all of my friends have said “Oh, I knew about that” but a bit later when I visit their garden I see a lot more stakes near the squash than had been there earlier. Just makes one smile 🙂

    • Thank you for you best wishes. I’m completely recovered now, what I got is anyones guess, but I don’t want it again. Sometimes the simplest ideas no one ever thinks of sharing, they assume everyone knows already.

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