Tuesday 17th May 2011

Had a little accident when using my strimmer today. There I was happily cutting the grass when something (not sure what it was) flew up and landed straight in my left eye. What ever it was it scratched my eye and it kept weeping, I couldn’t open it properly and it hurt for the rest of the day. Yes I know that I should be wearing glasses or something to protect my eyes, but…..you never remember. Had to leave earlier than I wanted as it really hurt. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 17th May 2011

  1. Myron Kirkbride says:

    Sorry to hear you injured your eye. You should always wear protection when using any tool ,especially power tools. We have had too much rain here. I would gladly give you some. The rabbits and squirrels and ground hogs are wearing plastic Macs and Wellies! We love all your videos.

    • Yes I know that I should always wear eye protection, but you just forget sometimes. Must get in the habit of remembering. Could you send some rain over please, we desperately need some, any would be welcome. Do they have pink wellies like mine?

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