Sunday 15th May 2011

Well, we’ve got another 2 weeks of possibly getting a frost, and then there should be no more. Until at least the end of October. So it is the perfect time to sow your French and Runner Beans. After an awful lot of trial and error, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I sow mine 2 weeks before I want to plant them out, that way they’re the perfect size when you plant them out. They’re about 9 inches tall, and haven’t started to have the need to twine round anything. So this afternoon I’ve sown some Blue Lake Climbing French Beans, some Stringless Runner Beans, and some Dwarf French Beans. The Dwarf French Beans don’t need to climb up anything and are self supporting. They’ve now got 2 weeks to do their growing stuff, and make me proud. I’m sure they will.

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4 Responses to Sunday 15th May 2011

  1. Rebecca Fitzgibbons says:


    I have a potato question for you 🙂
    I planted some rooster potatoes and some mystery ones from my dad about a month ago now and am yet to see a peep from them.
    I am a bit concerned i have planted them too deep.
    Should i be seeing something by now?

    I also got given runner beans a few weeks ago which i put outside (it was already at least 6 inches tall) I didn’t realise it was still too early! Oh well they look like they have survived so far 🙂

    • Hi there,

      Don’t worry about planting your potatoes too deep. I tend to plant mine about 6 – 8 inches deep. They should appear very soon. Have you watered them at all? As the weather is very dry, (at least where I am it is) they will need a very good water about once a week.
      As for the Runner Beans, they can stay outside, but if a frost is forecast then cover them with some fleece, or bubble wrap to protect them.

      • Rebecca Fitzgibbons says:

        I just came home from work to find that they have started to appear in two of my sacks!
        That teaches me for being so impatient!

        We haven’t had much rain here either (Hertfordshire) The sky keeps looking like it is going to but it’s just trying to trick me I think.

        Thank you for your help x

      • I’m glad they’ve started to pop through. If mine take too long I start getting impatient. Let’s hope that the rain comes soon. When that will be is anyones guess.

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