Tuesday 26th April 2011

Kids were back to school today, so where did I go this morning? I bet you can’t guess….Yes that’s right more weeding. I spent 2 hours weeding a bed and putting in the cauliflowers. Make sure that when you plant any brassicas that you put netting over the top, otherwise the birds will destroy them all as soon as your back is turned. I also have started to put leaves on top of the potatoes as it’s supposed to be quite cold tomorrow night, and more manure round the onions. I’ve got the Kohl Rabi ready to take tomorrow, so that’s 1 job to do as well as more weeding. Oh… and I picked 3 radish today and had them for lunch, they were very crunchy and my first pickings for this season. Must get the bicycle pump as the wheel barrow tyre is going down.

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2 Responses to Tuesday 26th April 2011

  1. Hi Claire,
    I picked my first radish yesterday…long slim variety. It was yummy. The kids never even noticed it in their meal. The guinea pigs loved the greens. Made a new straw bale bed and am off shortly to work on some raised beds down the back. I bought some small three shelf greenhouses…so excited they are doing well …..
    Better check my wheelbarrow tyre too. Have a great time weeding!

    • Fresh Radish are so wonderful. Fresh anything is wonderful. I’m glad you all enjoyed them. I tried to pump the tyre up today, but we’ve got a fancy pump which won’t fit, so I’m going to have to buy a normal one. As long as I’ve got music playing then weeding doesn’t seem so bad.

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