Monday 24th January 2011

Got loads done today! All a bit boring, but I had loads of fresh air and a sing along with the ipod. I weeded a few more beds and then covered with a layer of manure. I planted some daffodil bulbs in a large tyre. I know it’s the wrong time of year to put them in, but I forgot that they were in the greenhouse. I dug up a few more J. Artichokes and replanted them straight away so they can grow again this year. Whilst I was re arranging them I dug up some red potatoes. I think I briefly remember a rogue one growing there. That was a little surprise and I think we’ll have them for dinner tonight, must remember to remove the earth first. Hmm crunchy!!

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4 Responses to Monday 24th January 2011

  1. Hi Claire,
    Sounds like an ideal day to me. Last night I fried up all the tiny potatoes I came across in the compost area. Yummy.

  2. Pompeypeach says:

    Hi Claire,
    just wanted to say how much i enjoy this blog and the film clips. have you eaten your flowering sprouts yet? We have tried ours and liked them a lot. Planning to grow more next year but will net them longer as pigeons got them. We are busy tidying up our plot and planning at the moment, nice as not too many weeds to worry about. Take care!

    • Hi there,
      I’m glad you enjoy the blog etc. Yes we’ve eaten some flower sprouts and they were very sweet, like small brussels. Don’t cook them for too long as they still need to be crunchy inside. Netting is essential and the pigeons will have a field day and you’ll have nothing left. Be very vigilant with the weeds as they’ll take over if you don’t stop them.

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