Monday 27th December 2010

Just put in an order for this seasons garlic, potatoes and onions. The perfect thing to do on a Bank Holiday weekend. I’ve ordered Solent Wight garlic, hopefully I’ve ordered enough to keep us going for a year. Sturon and Hyred F1 onions and the following Main crop potatoes; Maris Piper, Rooster and Picasso. Hopefully they’ll all grow well and I’ll have enough to keep us going for a while at least. Hope you enjoy ordering your goodies for this coming season.

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5 Responses to Monday 27th December 2010

  1. How many do you order Claire? We go through so much garlic! I have potatoes and corn in at the moment and am harvesting strawberries, raspberries, spinach, mushrooms, lettuce and snow peas with hopefully tomatoes and cucumbers not so far behind. It has been cooler this Summer in Tasmania …don’t know what that will mean for my attempt with watermelon.

  2. Willaim Brown says:

    I didn’t see a video about the fennel. How did it do? You gonna do an update video on your allotment?

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