Thursday 30th September 2010

What a lovely sunny day it’s been today. Popped down the allotment this morning and weeded the bed where the popcorn was growing. There were about 6 of us there today. With all the rain we had last night the weeds were very easy to remove, even the stubborn ones. My gloves are a little worse for wear. I hope they manage to last until the end of the season. Only time will tell. Popping down later with George so he can do more towards his project.

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5 Responses to Thursday 30th September 2010

  1. frazzledsugarplummum says:

    If I have to weed I love doing it after rain….such a difference in ease. More sowing of seeds…putting some corn in.

    • Weeding is so much easier when it’s rained. We’ve recently had quite a lot of rain, even the stubborn weeds come up much easier. Hope your corn does well this year. I’ve just harvested most of mine. Had some for lunch, very sweet.

  2. sharen says:

    Hello, it rained so much from sept 22-oct 1 that I lost most of my veggies. It’s to late for me to start over this year so I will try again in 2011. I hope to see more of your veggie videos soon. Take care

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