Monday 30th August 2010

Popped to Sainsbury’s this morning to get a few bits for dinner and more fruit. Walked past the bunches of beetroot, and thought “Ha, ha mine are much bigger than that”, and “My carrots are a more interesting shape than those, and I picked purple ones yesterday”. I felt very proud of my allotment.

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4 Responses to Monday 30th August 2010

  1. frazzledsugarplummum says:

    Too funny, Claire,
    I do the same…. “Look at the price of those mushrooms and they aren’t as fresh as mine”, “My garlic is as white as theirs but isn’t coated in chemicals” and “My strawberries are so much sweeter”. Makes me proud too. Go home growers!

  2. jardinlady says:

    I love to go to my organic market to see what veggies are expensive so I can grow them in my garden. One thing that I have to grow that is extremely expensive here in the States is artichokes, I bought some seeds this year and hopefully they will do well in my area.

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