Thursday 24th June 2010

Picked my first 3 courgettes today, and there are loads of little ones growing. Best to pick them smaller rather than larger, much easier to deal with and no big seeds and they don’t taste bitter. Will be using them this weekend when we have a BBQ. More weeding, it seems never ending. The ground is so dry and hard at the moment some places are quite solid. Apparently it’s been the driest year so far since 1927! I don’t remember that though as I was born in 1974. I expect we’ll have a hose pipe ban this year. Never mind, hopefully the tomatoes won’t get blight.

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4 Responses to Thursday 24th June 2010

  1. Congrats on your first courgettes. I really should get into weeding the front of the house beds. The little black birds like nothing better that kicking off the bark/mulch onto the bitumen so that it looks like more garden on the drive than in the beds. Too bad they dont weed at the same time.

  2. Can’t wait to eat them this weekend. I’ll roast them with other veggies when be have a BBQ. Saw several more today that I will be picking on Monday.

  3. gardenlady says:

    Claire, congrats on your courgetes, mine unfortunately died on me, we have had a lot of squash bugs in the area and they just died so quick, practically overnight.
    What happens when you have a hose pipe ban, how do you water your plants?

    • We’re allowed to use the hope pipe to fill up the water butts, and then have to water the plants from butt to plant with a watering can. No sprinklers allowed, I never use one anyway as they waste so much water. It takes longer to water with a can, but you get the water exactly where you need it. We had to do this 3 years ago, but hey it wasn’t that bad.

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