Wednesday 2nd June 2010

I spent all of this afternoon in the greenhouse potting up plants. Some have got really quite large. The tomatoes are brilliant this year (long may they last and not get blight). I’ve got 1 tray so far of bits to go down the allotment next time I’m there. Hopefully I’ll be there on Sunday morning before we go out. Green courgettes are fine this year, but none of my squashes or yellow courgettes have come up. Was it a bad packet or the weather? Brassicas are looking great, so loads of broccoli and cauliflower this year. I planted a few more pumpkin seeds, not too late if you get them in now.
Happy gardening,

Claire’s allotment

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2 Responses to Wednesday 2nd June 2010

  1. sunday says:

    Hi Claire

    Just thought I’d be the first to reply on yr blog. Just to let you know; even though we are growing alot of different veg etc on allotment, the veg we do grow the same – before I plant i always think ‘gotta check to see how claire does it before putting it in”. To be honest, had i not stumbled across your site, I would never have taken on my allotment with the confidence I have, it’s all due to you. Your no nonsense style and the way you deliver advice is absolutely priceless.


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