Allium Leaf Miner


The horror of Allium Leaf Miner!!

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  1. Teri says:

    Your not the only one suffering from these critters. I notice the leaf damage on my leeks in September and quickly decapitated leeks in the hope of saving the main stem from ruin. Everything looked fine until late November I noticed growth stunted and plants looking rather sorry. I dug up a few plants last week only to see the what’s been lurking in the base of stems. Brown pupae! Lots of them! I decided to remove all the leeks to avoid future bacterial problems in the soil because of rotting roots. Last seasons I grew lovely leeks in soil contaminated with onion white rot. This year my crops succumbed to pest. I’ll try growing them again in new season on an area of soil that’s been fallow for years. I don’t think there will be larvae in soil which means I can place a net over area so plants can grow in situ.

    • Sorry to hear you’re suffering with them as well. It’s surprising what you are able to salvage from the leeks. Just takes a little bit of time. What we need is a good hard cold winter to get rid of all the bugs, but if that’ll happen is anyones guess.

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