Saturday 23rd April 2011

Holy Moly it was hot down the allotment this afternoon! The car read 28/82 phew! Even so I got all my red onions in and a tree that my neighbours gave me the other day. The label says that it’s an Apricot tree, but last year it produced Apples. I think it’s a bit confused. The sky is very grey at the moment and the thunder is rumbling, please let’s have some rain. Knowing us it’ll miss us. The soil needs a good water as it’s getting so hard. All we need is a heavy down pour to wet the soil and a thunder storm to clear the air.

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6 Responses to Saturday 23rd April 2011

  1. crystal says:

    Let’s see, If you have lots and lots of people dressed up in their “Easter Bonnet” with the expectation of going to church and perhaps a family Easter Egg Hunt… Oh, Yes, it is likely to rain. No Worries 🙂

  2. Yes, I agree about an organised event bringing the rain – it’s an Easter Scarecrow Hunt round our way, and the weather’s been perfect. As far as the allotment is concerned, I’m just glad I haven’t transplanted my mangetout yet otherwise I’d have to make a lot of watering trips to keep them happy. I’ve just got the fairly established drought resistant things in at the moment – the potatoes, onions, leeks, parsley, rhubarb, sage, mint etc…so, here’s hoping for a bit of rain!

  3. sharen says:

    Hello Claire

    I think I have your rain in Queens NY lol it seems to rain here almost everyday which make it hard to get out and work in mud, i hope we get at least 1 week with no rain so the soil could dry out a bit. I hope you and family are doing well, i hope to see some videos soon, Take care Sharen

    • Can you send some rain over here please, still not had anything to get excited about. I’ll be making more videos next week. I’m having a little tidy up at the moment, it’s a bit messy.

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