Friday 22nd Apri, 2011

Hope you had your Hot cross Buns for breakfast this morning. I made my own, minus the crosses. They’re much nicer than the shop ones. We’re being spoilt with all this glorious weather. I’ve finally potted up all my chillies, a load more flowers and all my tomatoes. It’s getting very hot in the greenhouse, so you can’t stay long in there, but the plants seem to love it. I’ll try and get to the allotment tomorrow, will let you know if I do.

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5 Responses to Friday 22nd Apri, 2011

  1. Yes – this weather’s fantastic isn’t it! Not so good for the allotment though. I’m not going to transplant any of my germinated plants until the rain comes…next week apparently. We’ve got ourselves a couple of warren hens. They’re called Dandelion and Daisy and you can follow their antics on my website:
    Dandelion has already laid us one soft shelled egg, so hopefully tomorrow, on Easter Sunday her eggs will be nice and hard shelled, perfect for an Easter breakfast!

    • Lucky you to have some chickens. I’m very jealous. I’m sure they’ll be very happy in their new home. To get firmer egg shells my parents used to feed our chicken grit mixed into their mash in the morning. I don’t know if you can still get it.

  2. What flowers have you started?

    • I’ve started Delphiniums, various types of Poppies, Aquilegia, Campanula, Hollyhock, Lupin, Rudbeckia and Marigold. Over the weekend I’ll have a look in my box to see what others I have.

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