Saturday 16th April 2011

Popped to the allotment for a couple of hours this morning. Not as many people there as I would have thought for a Saturday, may be they’re down this afternoon. I managed to do the most tedious job ever, which is not weeding, but putting in about 6 rows of leeks. My goodness it takes so long! You look at the tray and think “Oh there aren’t many in here, shouldn’t take long”. An hour and a half it took me! But it’s done now and they just need to grow. Weeded yet more, but the ground is so hard as we haven’t had any decent rain for about 6 weeks now, that I managed to burst a huge blister on the palm of my hand. Ouch! I keep putting plasters on it, but they’re the wrong shape, any suggestions on a suitable plaster for the palm of your hand? I’ll go in the greenhouse later on this afternoon, and do more potting up.

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